Remote Isotopic Analysis System

Radiation cannot be seen, smelt or felt but in significant doses can kill.   Understanding radiation and its risks and benefits can help individuals and society to make informed decisions about the use of radiation and the actions required to protect from possible harm. ImiTec’s unique Remote Isotopic Analysis System (RIAS) is different from current radiation detection systems in that in near real time it locates, measures and maps radioactivity and the isotopes present thus significantly speeding and improving the efficiency of radiation detection and decision making.

Remote Isotopic Analysis System

ImiTec’s Remote Isotopic Analysis System (RIAS) is a radiation monitoring system that detects, characterises and maps radiological contamination; it consists of:

  • Sensors to collect data (Kromek lightweight CsI or CZT gamma spectrometer and positioning devices e.g. GPS, LIADAR or IMU).
  • Micro-controller to collect, combine, store and remotely transmit data
  • Software to interpret data and produce maps showing the location and intensity of the radiation and the radionuclide type.

RIAS can be carried by personnel and can be mounted on a number of different platforms including unmanned aerial vehicles, road vehicles, submersibles, non-rigid airships, pipeline inspection rigs and robotic systems.  RIAS can be used to detect radiation in the nuclear industry, defence, homeland security, mining, and exploration.

RIAS Characterises

  • Sub-metre mapping resolution
  • Counts per second (CPS) data transmitted in real time in 32 bit encrypted format
  • Gamma spectrometry data simultaneously recorded and stored in the control unit
  • Bespoke software for plotting radiation data in near real time
  • Selection of CsI or CZT micro-gamma spectrometers
  • Weight <2 Kg

RIAS Applications

  • Rapid emergency  response  monitoring  of  radiation  events,  providing  real-time  data  on spread, source and intensity.
  • Routine monitoring of nuclear installations throughout the life cycle from new build to decommissioning.
  • Monitoring radiation in the oil and gas industry
  • Environmental monitoring for radiation hazards
  • Monitoring of combat zones for spent depleted uranium munitions.
  • Defence and Homeland security.

RIAS Benefits

  • Minimise operator risk.
  • Rapid response.
  • Wide area coverage.
  • Isotopic fingerprinting.
  • Rapid, more detailed surveys.
  • Combination of radiation mapping with optional aerial imaging and observation.