Innovate_UK Project INTEGRAL successfully completed!

In collaboration with TWI, ImiTec has successfully completed an Innovate_UK program that provides a technology that will reduce waste and cost in the nuclear industry. Project INTEGRAL demonstrated the use of ImiTec sensor payloads, together with a laser cutter on a Kuka robotic arm to identify regions of radioactivity on an object before cutting the contaminated region away.

“The INTEGRAL project will addresses the nuclear decommissioning industries need for need for remotely operated, waste characterisation, size reduction and decontamination technologies by developing and demonstrating a novel technology, which combines laser cutting with accurate structure and radiation mapping of contaminated structures. Information collected on the distribution of radioactive contamination will facilitate waste re-classification and, through the selective cutting out of regions of higher activity, will allow splitting of wastes into appropriate waste streams, thereby minimising legacy storage costs.”

Chris Abbott, CEO, ImiTec Ltd